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Skedar (Gimp test) by kirkgunx
Skedar (Gimp test)
I attempted to extract the skedar model from perfect dark (n64) I manged to extract the model but I had problems applying the texture :( I was facking close! Anyway, Real point here is that I was trying to make a menacing skedar image but...Gimp is kinda hard untill you get use to it and I wish the image i got from google was a higher res, I wanted to roleplay a skedar warlord within the mass effect universe but darn I wish that model didn't have texture problems.

P.S If anyone want the model please Ask and I will post a link here so if you want to fix the model yourself. (And If you do let me know and I will not only thank you I will give you credit as well.)

The skedar belongs to rare.
I want to draw skedar like weapons but I dont know where to start looking, Can someone help me out?
                 The Shadow Sector: Exiled effect. (working title)

Author: Not telling, Too embarrassed.  
(1st Note: This is a fanfic, if you don't like it not only  I will understand, its your opinion....Wait I might not even post this anyway...)
(2nd Note: this fanfic takes place 35 years after mass effect 3)
(3rd Note: Some stuff will be taken from other games)
(4th Note: This book is still in Work in progress)
(5th Note: criticism is Allowed and it would help me improve my writing skills)  

                                      The story of the Shadow Sector
This sector was founded by an unknown person, No one know the founder nor his or her species, when this sector was founded it was...empty...No one knows about its existence (except for the founder) their was other species own as Verbeniri, the Verbeniri are a serpentine like race they have thin green scales but the colors can very to other range of colors, their home planet is named Striea, they're a peaceful race who attempts to resolve problems without violence but if they have no choice but to end the problem or situation with violence, they will not hesitate to do so, they also have a nack for technology...also theres another race know as the skedar are a race of highly sophisticated aliens, Problem is that they're Ruthless, barbaric, and extremely hostile

As years pass by, the Shadow Sector populates and Important events have occurred.

2221CE- Discovery of the shadow sector.
2221CE- An alliance with the Verbeniri was made.
2227CE- Teleportion and advanced weaponry possible with new technology thanks to the Verbeniri.
2229CE- Government and Military Was created.
Now...The story begins.

Page 1

(Somewhere  inside a ship, in a room there are some human and quarian scientists at tables looking though microscopes, some on terminals and room has black metallic hexagon walls with cameras in each corner of the room.) (A female Quarian enters the room but she is not a scientist shes wearing a black robe with some strange light red markings on it, her visor is dark red, there are two turian body guards by her side, wearing black armor with small dim blue lights on both shoulders and a dark red skull emblem as well, there are assault rifles on their back but these rifles are different, she approaches one of the human scientists and asked.)  “Any updates on Subject Haze 514?” (said the nameless hooded quarian) (the human scientist looks at his data pad before answering her question) “So far we've gotten these results” (he gives her the data pad then he activates his omi-tool and press a few buttons) (the window shutters opens to reveal some type of  hibernation pod, it has dark green lights on the tubes and on the hatch the lights are red, indicating that the hatch is locked)
“Shadow Lurker Status on hibernation pod” (A red drone appears by her side) “Structural status is Fine, Energy supply and storage Fine, Life system fine but their were some abnormal activity in the last two days” (She hesitates before asking about the abnormal activity) “What was the abnormal activity about?” (the drone replies) “according to file records Subject haze 514 was showing an high increase in power levels on the 1st day” (she looks at the scientist for a second before turning back to the drone to ask about the second 2nd day) “What about day two?” (she asked) “ according to file records, senors were showing that the subject was showing signs of awareness, then its power level began rising to unsafe levels, in this incident
Some equipment was damage due to overloading, The XR-9000 inhibitor gauntlet's inhibiting capacity has been lowered to 46% due to damage from overloading.”

Page 2

(the nameless Quarian looks at the human scientist, you can see her eyes quint) “...Why haven't you told me about this?”
(she asked with an nasty tone) (the human scientist is kinda worried but he still answers her question) “We-well...”(he hesitates while nervously rubbing the back of his neck) Look I thought if you found out this, you'll think we're incompetent. (So ashamed, he looks down to at the floor but he apologizes) I'm sorry mrs. Jaenni. (Jaenni calmly speaks to the scientist) Well what you did here makes you incompetent Lex. (She pauses for a moment before speaking again) “You have to understand, this creature is valuable for study and experimenting but at the same time potentially  dangerous

(Note: Somethings will be changed and edited)
The Shadow Sector: Exiled effect. (WIP)
I Wish i could upload doc files if DA's submission system wasn't finicky as hell with file type.   
I want to draw skedar like weapons but I dont know where to start looking, Can someone help me out?

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